Impact Cleaning Services' (ISC) is an Australian commercial cleaning company with an emphasis on customer service and client satisfaction.

There are two (2) key points that make our business unique.

1.   The Cleaning Partnership

2.   The Partnership Advancement System

By offering the opportunity of business ownership to cleaners, Impact Cleaning Services' partner with motivated, well trained and dedicated business owners ensuring you only receive the best cleaners available.

With over 15  years’ experience in the commercial cleaning, chemical & equipment industries Impact Cleaning Services' uses that knowledge to provide high quality cleaning and training programmes for our employees and business owners. This ‘partnership advancement system’ is integral to maintaining the reputable high level of ICS client satisfaction.

Highly descriptive systems and detailed checkpoints ensure cleaners undertake every job with attention to detail.

Part of the ICS vision is to lower the environmental impact cleaning chemicals have on the environment and our health. We research chemicals and applications to find the best working system with the lowest impact to both.

Our Core Value: Customer service and Client satisfaction



Impact Cleaning Services' policy is to provide an innovative and uncompromising standard of cleaning service for our clients, together with superior commercial practices and a competitive price.

Our detailed auditing procedure is clearly defined in our Operations Manual enables Impact Cleaning Services' to identify necessary improvements, develop site training procedures, and provide a monitoring system for all management and staff.

Impact Cleaning Services' is committed to training staff and business owners to reflect our core value. High work ethic and dedication to their personal and professional growth is fundamental to our company’s continued reputation and success.

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