Cleaning Audits

Are your current cleaners cleaning correctly? Do they clean the unseen? Are you getting value for your money? With an Impact Cleaning Services cleaning audit you can be rest assured that your site has been checked right through, and the cleaners standard of cleanliness graded. With your cleaning audit report that you receive, you can relax knowing Impact Cleaning Services has your safety, value for money and cleaning service covered.


Impact on Your Business

The major impacts of this could include:

  • Negative effect on staff and employees health.  There are two major issues at your premises:
  • The potential to transfer germs via surfaces such as fridge and toilet door handles;
  • Excessive dust build-up in air vent duct covers.  This build-up is easily dislodged in varying amounts due to vibrations and changes in air pressure caused by opening and closing doors.
  • Negative effect on morale and productivity.
  • Dirty carpet areas will become threadbare if not properly maintained.
  • The potential liability issues in relation to the health of the employee's in your care.


How Impact Cleaning Services Can Help

Impact Cleaning Services offers a standard full service written cleaning schedule for your business. That’s everything from floors, dusting, rubbish disposal and washrooms, all the way to resealing damaged floors if required.  

Our Fee Structure outlines all of the services you have asked Impact Cleaning Services to provide as well as listing additional services that you may require in the future.  If there’s something special you need that we haven’t covered in our proposal, just let us know, we’ll be happy to take care of it for you.

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