Are you having problems with your current cleaners? Are you frustrated with the constant cleaning revolving door? Then let Impact Cleaning Services manage your cleaning for you. We take the pain, trouble and headache out of your cleaning service.


It’s all about the service that you receive and to make sure you’re always happy with our performance we offer:

  • A written cleaning schedule to cover all of your requested cleaning requirements.
  •  An online communication form to inform any issues or incidents immediately.
  • A three stage follow up program including:

1. A dedicated communication book for you to relay any specific instructions or issues.

2. Regular follow up calls.

3. Routine performance inspections to ensure our Employees/Contractors standards are being met and problems do not reoccur.

  •   A performance guarantee

We guarantee if a cleaning issue is not in the process of being resolved within 24 hours of you notifying , Impact Cleaning Services your next clean is for free. No Argument We Just Do It.



How can we make these promises?  The difference is in our people.  Impact Cleaning Services staff and Contractors are the best in the industry.  We pride ourselves on our rigorous selection process and attention to detail.

With The Cleaning Partnership and our employee advancement system offers our people ownership of their businesses, This ensuring that the people cleaning your premises are dedicated business owners with a strong interest in ensuring you, their client, receives the best possible care and attention at all times.

Most importantly, all of our Contractors and staff go through thorough security checks including two interviews, reference checks and the signing of a confidentiality, employment and contractor agreements. This ensures that we provide you with honest and reliable people.

Good cleaners are trained not born!  At Impact Cleaning Services we put our staff and Contractors through an intensive training program that provides them with the knowledge to make the right cleaning decisions for every aspect of today’s cleaning environments.



Impact Cleaning Services have a unique management system. We are leveling the playing field for small cleaning companies, with many large enterprises utilizing 

these companies to sub-contract there work  to , they don’t seem to be paying them enough to run their operations correctly and then they are finding they are having to operate at a minimal profit and cut costs where they can.

This creates major problems with in the cleaning industry from having to pay low wages or use cash workers, utilize poor quality chemicals and equipment. Overall this affects the service to the end user.

With our cleaning management system we help the SME to obtain quality cleaning contracts at the best possible price with an accurate cleaning schedule.

This enables us to be able to guarantee a quality clean every time. A happy cleaner is a good cleaner. A good clean makes a happy customer.

How Impact Cleaning Services system works is very simple… we first do an initial clean with our in-house cleaning teams cleaning you site from top to bottom.

It is a clean reset.

Once the initial clean has been done we then test the cleaning schedule to assure it will maintain your site at the standard you deserve and expect.

We then place one of our members of “The Cleaning Partnership” on the site and train them with the ins and outs of your specification and expectations. Then we manage them ongoing with training and site audits so they keep a high standard of clean. Because they are owner operators they have invested interests in serving you correctly. This is what we call a win, win, win.

Our quality control system, detailed in the quote, guarantees that your premises will be maintained in the best possible state at all times through periodical inspections also.  With Impact Cleaning Services managing your cleaning, you do not have to worry about poor quality cleaning again... we will do the worrying for you!

Our main business focus is managing cleaning opposed to doing the cleaning

by partnering with an owner operator we can focus on them delivering and maintaining a quality cleaning service. One that is of a high quality, ethical and reliable standard this is maintained by an independent, non-biased auditing system and an accurate cleaning schedule this gives us a big point of difference to other cleaning services.

As a united service group of independent operators that are managed and tested by 

Impact Cleaning Services you can be rest assured that your establishment is being looked after and you are getting value for money without all the frustration and drama.

Head Office controls customer service, and this, together with highly descriptive systems, including a list of 136 checkpoints that cleaners undertake on every job, enables Impact Cleaning Services to keep a close eye on quality and training. 

Sharing the big global concern for the environment, Impact Cleaning Services focus for the future is to be one of the greenest cleaning companies in the world.



On average, cleaning companies spend between 3-8% of their turnover on cleaning chemicals.  With the ever-increasing problems with our waterways, cleaning companies using quantities of solvents and petrochemicals need to focus on how they can help reduce contamination of our rivers, streams and oceans.

Impact Cleaning Services has systems in place to regularly review our own procedures. Our policy is to ensure that wherever possible we use the most appropriate and environmentally friendly chemicals available.



Impact Cleaning Services offers a standard full service written cleaning schedule for your business.  That is everything from floors, dusting, rubbish disposal and washrooms, all the way to resealing damaged floors if required. 

Our Fee Structure outlines all the services you have asked Impact Cleaning Services to provide as well as listing additional services that you may require in the future.  If there is something special you need that we have not covered in our proposal, just let us know, we will be happy to take care of it for you.



Impact Cleaning Services transition plan outlines the implementation of services required between when the Contract is signed and the Commencement Date.  These time frames can be amended if necessary.

Impact Cleaning Services provides a “blue-print” for the supply of resources, equipment, training, stock take and management processes necessary to effect the seamless start-up or transfer of a site.

During the changeover period, the primary objective is to ensure the smoothest possible transfer without disruption to the standard of service delivery. Impact Cleaning Services provides staff to assess the methods, frequencies, staff requirements, staff details and associated requirements to support this. 

Tasks will be delegated to the business unit management responsible for the ongoing service delivery.  Effectively, the Impact Cleaning Services team ensures that all equipment, documentation, personnel and resources are available and in place to deliver the required services in the manner outlined in the contract by the Commencement Date.



Responsibility for quality control is vested in our Operations Manager who implements company policy relating to the standards of service we provide to our clients. Quality control and quality standards are to all our employees from Managing Director to those responsible for cleaning our sites.

Customer service is critical to our success and at Impact cleaning Services we are totally committed to ensuring our Cleaners and Contractors provide the best possible service.

Impact cleaning Services   provides comprehensive training programmes not only in the practical side of cleaning, but also in associated subjects such as OH&S, Environmental Management and Customer Service. This, together with up- to-date manuals, regular follow up calls and routine performance inspections and reporting, ensures that we can provide total client satisfaction.  

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