The Clean Partnership

So you want to grow your business and are finding it hard to win the work you want. The costs of hiring a sales man and a telemarketer and the admin staff can be a very expensive undertaking. This is where Impact Cleaning Services can help We find the contract that have a good hourly pay rate and have a long term agreement of service.

We create an accurate cleaning schedule and in most cases run the site to confirm that is fair and has been quoted in true time. This is where you come in there are two options you can take to start with a contract:

The Out Right:

  • You can buy the contract out right to own and invoice yourself we list the contracts for sale at 50% of the yearly income offers will be considered. The process for this is to pay a deposit of 10 % and sign the confidentiality agreement and sale documents. Then we show you the site and explain the cleaning schedule and special requirements. Then if the site is what we explained to you and you are still happy to move ahead then the final balance is paid by you of the agreed sale price, and the keys handed over. You now own the contract. We now organise a suitable time for you to take over the site and take you through the training. It is that simple and straight forward. All you have to do is pick a site to buy.

The Buy In:

  • You can buy into a contract this is a percentage split of the contract the more you pay the more you own and the more you earn. The system is the same as buying the contract out right but the difference is that you partner the job with Impact Cleaning Services we invoice and maintain the client whilst you deliver the service. We still train and manage the cleaning to help you keep the site for as long as possible. The Buy in is at a % of the yearly income 20% = $26.00 hr - 30% = $27.00 hr - 40% = $28.00 hr . This all goes down to your budget and your hourly rate you expect to earn.

The Campaign:  

  • We can custom make a campaign with you and Impact Cleaning Services to generate leads quote and win contracts and        manage your jobs. There is no limit to what can be achieved when good people work for the common good.

This is the smart way to start or grow your cleaning business. Get the contracts where you need them at the amount you want to earn. You can relax knowing we have quoted correctly and are here to train and support you in your business growth.

Don’t wait just get a job, Get it done, make some money and have good fun.

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